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Alexander Gallows is a singer-songwriter based in the DC and Maryland music scene. A native to the area, Gallows discovered his musical talents early in his youth. Playing the licks of Hendrix, mimicking the riffs of Led Zeppelin, strumming the progressions of Bob Dylan and harmonizing to the melodies of Simon & Garfunkel were just some of the ways Gallows built his knowledge as a player and songwriter.

Furthering his development, he attended the University Of Maryland School Of Music where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz performance. During this time, Gallows not only performed in jazz groups such as the selective Mid Atlantic Collegiate Jazz Orchestra at New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, but also was a founding member of the progressive rock band Bare Left and began his solo, freelance career, practicing and performing in styles such as classical, folk, blues, funk, gospel, rock and more.


It is this versatility in addition to his early influences that give Gallows’ songwriting a totally unique depth and modern flare to a retro sound. Described as an artist that “should be heard by millions,” by Ron Goad of the Songwriters’ Association of Washington, Alexander Gallows brings beauty and sophistication to the traditional guitar and voice pair as well as dazzles the audience with both intricate solo and full-band arrangements, weaving thought provoking lyrics with toe tapping rhythms.


Alexander Gallows released his debut album Solitude in 2017. This eight track, independent album was entirely written, performed and recorded by Alexander Gallows. Since then, Gallows has gone on to release a series of singles including the politically conscious No More No More in solidarity with the Me Too movement, When Our Brothers Cry (A Minor Addition) which was paired with the first official Alexander Gallows music video, and Billie Jean, a charged, hard-rock cover of the Michael Jackson classic. Alexander's latest release is a four-song EP entitled The Painter and the Actor, a unique blend of songs and monologues that weave a folkloric tale. 

Gallows & Curl

Alexander Gallows and Missy Curl are a folk duo based out of Washington, DC. Known for their fluid harmonies and immersive songwriting, the two met as students at the University of Maryland School of Music, Gallows studying jazz guitar and Curl earning her degree in classical voice performance. First performing together on each other’s respective recitals, the pair began venturing into folk music, tapping into Gallows’s early influences of rock and roll, blues, and singer-songwriters. Along with covering artists like Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Beatles, Gallows began composing for the duo, writing to highlight Curl’s effortlessly fluid voice, the intricacies of his own guitar playing, and the storytelling of his lyrics. Gallows & Curl was born.

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